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  • Dec 31, 2020 · Welcome to Coinflation for Canada. This site measures the current pure metal value or melt values of Canadian circulating coins. Coin prices are listed for the Canada dollar, half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel, and penny are included.
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A coin with an off center strike is created when the coin blank is struck outside the collar that holds it in place when the die strikes. The coin is incorrectly centered with part of the design missing, thus revealing a certain amount of blank planchet space.
  • $ km971 100 Francs (1989) Olympic Alpine Skiing ASW=0.6423 Image from Roger Zimmerman $ km972 100 Francs (1989) Olympic Ice Skating Couple ASW=0.6423 Image from Zdravko Bosnjak $ km980 100 Francs (1990) Olympic Speed Skating ASW=0.6423 Image from Zdravko Bosnjak
  • Coins catalog. New Zealand. Constitutional Monarchy (1961-1989) 1 Dollar 1977 - Silver Jubilee of queen Elizabeth II. 1 Dollar 1977 - Silver Jubilee of queen ...

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    KM#201a is for coins dated 1982, whereas KM#201b is for all coins dated afterward. 1982 is a transition year: the earliest coins were struck in 95% copper, and the latest coins were struck in copper-plated zinc. One of the most noticeable differences between the two is the weights (3.11 grams versus 2.50 grams).

    Oct 07, 2019 · The penny was one of the first coins made by the U.S. Mint after its establishment in 1792. The design on the first penny was of a woman with flowing hair symbolizing liberty. The coin was larger and made of pure copper, while today’s smaller coin is made of copper and zinc. Liberty stayed on the penny for more than 60 years.

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    What is the Penny Made of Today. The new penny is made of a metal composition of 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. Furthermore, the current penny is often referred to as a “Zincoln”. This merges the word zinc with Lincoln since pennies today are called Lincoln cents. Current model of the Lincoln cent has the Union shield on the reverse (tail).

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    Nov 25, 2008 · I know it's not a 'holy grail' of baseball sets, but I want to build a complete 1981 Fleer set, complete with errors. I know I could just buy one, but there's the fun of the chase. I just grabbed a vending box from eBay, and I'm thinking about getting a wax box, too. ;-) So can anyone point me towards an online list of errors in the 1981 set.

    We talk about 1989 pennies worth money and are givine a 1989 penny value!The last coin in the video 1989D struck on pre-1983 copper planchet sold for $7,500!...

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    A Proof Set is a complete set of proof coins of each denomination made in a year. In addition to proof versions of the Native American $1 Coin, Kennedy half dollar, Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickel, and Lincoln penny, these sets also include proof versions of each year’s releases under the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program.

    Only one die usually makes all the transitional coin errors. For this reason not very many coins were made in comparison to the Wrong Die Coins. ... it's on to the coins. 1988 P Reverse of 1989 AKA RDV-006 1988 D Reverse of 1989 AKA RDV-006 ... This is the first Wrong Die Coin on our list as these coins were made using a business strike ...

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    It took 16 reales to equal one gold escudo, and 8 reales to equal a single peso, which was Mexico’s dollar. Forty years after Mexico gained its independence from Spain, a decimal monetary system arrived—when it did in 1863, 100 centavos became the new base value of the peso. Of the silver and gold Mexican coins from the early days of the...

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    There are dozens of types of known Lincoln Cent Errors. The following list is Blanks/Planchet Broadstrike Brockage Capped Die Struck Through Die Cap I ncomplete Planchet "Clip" Lamination Off-Center Rotated Die Double Strike Triple Strike Die Break "Cud" Die Clash Double Clash Defective Planchet Split Planchet Bonded Coins Struck Through Struck ...

    He is the largest dealer of the world's rarest mint errors. He handles the world's finest major mint errors and numismatic rarities. He specializes in U.S. and World Major Mint Errors and Die Trials. His new discoveries of major mint errors have been front page news for years. Mike Byers is also a Consultant for ANACS for Mint Errors.

Errors, especially rare design flaws, can boost a coin's value. An example is the "Harp," which only appears on the 1962 Canadian 1 cent and consists of five lines of different lengths that start under the "1," extending to the maple leaf.
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One easily observed State Quarter errors occurs when one side of the coin is copper colored. This happens when one of the coin's outer layers is missing. Every clad coin, which includes State Quarters, is comprised of three layers of metal. Both outer layers are made of an alloy consisting of 75 percent copper, 25 percent nickel.
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