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  • Fender Locking Tuning Machine Vintage Chrome Original Fender Locking Mechaniken, 6 in Line, Staggered 3 x kurz + 3 x lang, Vintage Style Buttons, Finish Chrome, inkl. You barely get one wind round the post, same as all modern locking tuners. Van Verenigde Staten. $7.79. Topverkoper Topverkoper. This set of six staggered locking tuners fits most ...
Welcome to Lefty Vintage Guitars, a site specializing in buying, selling, trading, and consigning high-end lefty guitars. I have been collecting vintage guitars for over 20 years, including Fender and Gibson electrics and acoustics primarily from the 1950s, and 1960s.

These include a one-piece maple neck, a white 1-ply pickguard (black until late 1954, 3-ply after 1963), an ash body finished in translucent blonde, and a “spaghetti” headstock logo positioned above the string tree, lining up with the A tuner. (Before 1957, the decal was located below the string tree, near the G tuner.)

Kluson 6 In-Line Vintage Nickel Tuners. $42.00 Per Set. SD9105MN DR. Kluson 6 In-Line Double Row Vintage Nickel Tuners. $42.00 Per Set. SD9105MN DR/L. Kluson 6 In-Line Vintage Locking Nickel Tuners. $63.00 Per Set. KCDF-3805GL. Kluson Direct Fit Contemporary Gold Tuners For Fender® American Series Strat® $70.00 Per Set . KCDF-3805CL
  • Tuning Machines. Fender… style Tuners New. Aged Tuners.our Tuners are all Inhouse aged, we have more then 20 years experience in ageing Guitarhardware, our Tuners don't show signs of...
  • Fortunately, if all else fails, Stew-Mac has some very high-grade tuners available now that have a vintage appearance that fit most of the old American mandolins. There are other fine machines made—Alessi, Rubner, Gotoh, et al.

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    I don't know what the deal is with that review. I measured the bushings that came with my Fender vintage tuners, and they measure around 8.5 mm. Modern tuners require 10mm holes. When replacing modern tuners on a Squier with vintage I always have to buy the Gotoh conversion bushings to make vintage tuners work.

    Fender Vintage Style Deluxe Tuners Tuning Keys Pegs Heads In Line Nickel. Fender Locking Tuners Guitar Chrome Vintage Butter Bean Buttons Tuning Machines.

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    Cheap Guitar Parts & Accessories, Buy Quality Sports & Entertainment Directly from China Suppliers:Acoustic Guitar 6R Inline Vintage Tuning Pegs Tuners Machine Heads For Fender Strat...

    Lexington, Kentucky shop dealing in guitars, tube amps, and parts for Gretsch, Fender, Gibson, and many others. Specializing in Gretsch parts and guitar and amp restoration and repair.

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    Upgrade your vintage tuners WITHOUT drilling! Many Fender reissues. Kluson locking models feature a knob on the back of the housing for fast and convenient string change.

    Sep 16, 2020 · A pair of Ultra Noiseless Vintage single coils offer up classic tones without the background hum and there's the Fender S-1 circuit to switch between series and parallel modes for increased tonal variety. Figure in the locking tuners and a Modern D neck profile and you've got one of the best performing Teles ever made.

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    Fender Locking Tuners with Vintage Buttons Gear returned in mint condition. If you're looking for a virtually new instrument in possibly less-than-perfect packaging, this is a great value.

    The finish is 100% original Fender applied nitrocellulose lacquer, and shows lots of weatherchecking, finish nicks, scuffs, etc, yet remains in excellent playing condition. Even the original Kluson "double-line" white plastic tuner tips have aged to a dingy tan .

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    We carry a range of Kluson replacement guitar machine heads. Showing all 10 results

    Vintage set of tuners with oval tuning keys and standard posts. Designed for right handed guitars that require 6 in line tuners. Each machine head features solid brass gears, and a gear ratio of 1:15 for...

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    Gotoh Locking Vintage Oval Knob 6-In-Line Tuners Locking versions of the classic oval knob, stamped housing tuners found on vintage Fender ® guitars. For 6-in-line pegheads. 6-in-line locking tuners that are the perfect upgrade for old or new Fenders with "Kluson-style" tuners — they're a direct retrofit!

    Our standard tuner holes are an 11/32" straight bore. This matches up to the push-in grommets of the standard Vintage Style tuners (some copies may be different). By request and at no additional cost we will ream or counter-bore the holes to fit most popular tuners with the purchase of a new Warmoth neck.

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    Open box, new Fender 70s tuners. Fender part number 0076568049. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Bought these for a partsmaster bass project. Since neck...

    Back to the main Fender Vintage Guitar Info webpage. Mid 1964 Stratocaster specs Tuners change from "single line" Kluson Deluxe to "double line" Kluson Deluxe (where "Kluson" and "Deluxe" are now...

If you've got a vintage style Fender but want the advantages of a locking tuner set without boring out the headstock this is the set for you. Tuners are all the same height. High E, B and G string tuners have a smaller string hole than the low E, A and D. Complete with dedicated headstock bushings and mounting screws.
Locking Tuners All of the machine heads in this category lock the string firmly to the tuning post resulting in the very best tuning stability. Locking tuners made by Gotoh, Sperzel, Grover and Kluson.
Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Fender Vintage Tuners RH Strat/Tele Nickel 10mm Make sure your type of neck will accommodate these tuners.
The diameter of the mounting hole on the headstock for our vintage style tuners is 11/32" (8.7mm), and the machines themselves have a.249" diameter string post. The mounting hole on the headstock for our die-cast tuning machines is 13/32" (10mm) with a.236 diameter string post.